Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bob Kolbrener

I came across a book this morning that reminded me of Ansel Adams' work. I was really into Ansel Adams in high school and college so I was immediately drawn to this book in our school library. I noticed the last name because it is the name of a student I teach... hmmm... I said to myself as I started to flip through the gorgeous book, I wonder??? Several pages in, Bob Kolbrener himself wrote an inscription to The Schenck School in honor of his grandson! WOW! So, it was who I was thinking about. This made the book more intriguing. Then I saw a photo of a young Bob with Ansel Adams himself. The rest of the book was beautiful. All black & white shots of Yosemite National Park. The young students I was flipping through with all thought they were "way cool" too. I would say that Bob Kolbrener is the next generation Ansel. Check out more of his work here. It's really great!