Thursday, December 20, 2007

Remember when....

I walked into J.Crew the other night and went straight for this bag. Didn't buy it, just held it in my hand taken back in time, circa '83 walking home from school with my best friend, Faith, admiring our wooden-handle purses, trying to figure out what side of the reversible cover looked best with our uniforms. None did, of course, but I do remember my pink cover with my white monogram. I loved that purse. I felt so grown up. I loved choosing between covers to match my outfits. Those were the days. I probably didn't have much in that purse but a Bonnie Bell lip gloss and a comb... maybe some stickers to trade. I have no idea where this bag is today. There is good chance it's in my mom's basement collecting dust. She keeps everything! I'll have to ask her about it and with any luck sport it after the holiday's with my old monogram. Another throw back to this era are the leggings. Finally bought a pair. It was just too hard to buy something that was in style 20 years ago and actually wore them then! I still have not worn them out in public yet. It's so strange to live in an era where we are already recycling the fashions. We still have 80's parties for god's sakes! Are we really dressing up for those parties when it's stylish now???