Friday, December 28, 2007

Illuminating Desires

I have been eyeing these two light fixtures for a while now. I'm disappointed Pottery Barn and Wisteria have not put them on sale! But anyway.... The first fixture is the Bettina Pendant from Pottery Barn. We were thinking of changing our kitchen area to another living area space. It's close to our kitchen (obviously) and the high kitchen counter everyone seems to gravitate to when we have guests over. We RARELY sit in our living room, which is jonly 2 steps away. So we were thinking of getting rid of the kitchen table that we never sit at anyway and replace it with a small sitting area. Complete with a small couch or large comfy chair with ottoman, and two other chairs. Basically and extension of our kitchen, where everyone hangs out anyway. So to make it complete, we would have to get rid of our current (hideous) chandelier and replace it with the Bettina Pendant. What do you think???
Another idea I had was from Wisteria. We just painted our master bath and there is a rather large wall above our tub. I currently have some iron thingy hanging there right now, but it needs something else. I was looking for sconces for that space anyhow and came across the ones above, Antique Roof Tile Sconces from Wisteria. This is what it says about them: The roof tiles from which these sconces are made were produced in the 1860s in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France. Female tilemakers created the distinctive tapered shape by folding sheets of clay over their thighs. As thighs vary, naturally so do these tiles. Well, I wish I had their thighs!! And I wish I had these sconces. Like I said I was hoping they were going to be on sale when Christmas was over, but the check from my Grandmother, Mimi we recieved for Christmas might just be the means to my desires!


amber said...

I've always loved those lights (on the top), I have a similar version hanging in my stairway that I got from Anthropologie and it glows so pretty!