Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cute tee's

While seeing what my desinger friend was up to on her website/blog ( I came across this Design & Silkscreen Printshop in Waverly, Alabama called Standard Deluxe. I liked thier work and they had fun tee shirts. (regular, fitted and baby) Im sure you would be proud to sport these tee's, especially if you are from Alabama.


Jessica said...

Jim gave me the link to your blog...I have had so much fun checking out your site and all the other sites you like!! You have done such a nice job!
Jess from Seattle ( Carl's wife )

Kim said...

As you could probably guess, I love stationary, cards, etc. And I have to say, your Christmas card "won" in my book of the BEST cards this year! I have been impressed with everything you've mailed to us. Baby announcements, wedding, etc! You have great taste! Who do you use?? And thanks for reading!