Friday, February 1, 2008

12 Weeks Today!

Yep, it’s official. We are really excited, it’s our first! We are definitely finding out what the gender is as soon as we can. It’s been a wonderful pregnancy so far! Lot’s of eating and sleeping. It’s going to be a wild ride, we can’t wait!


truth said...

KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is caitlyn (from the chandlery) it has been forever so i hope you remember me! my mom sent me your blog address a while back, and i have been reading for quite some time now! i have kind of been slacking and have not read for a while so im trying to catch up! i was just home for spring break and my mom told me you are pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO WONDERFUL!!!! and tonight i was looking thru your posts that im catching up on and saw this! i am so happy for you!!!!