Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hubby is off to....where???? the middle of no where, Florida! Swamp land! The boys decided against their annual ski trip for a music festival in the middle of the everglades. Sorry to tell ya, but you may have made the wrong decision here! They have hubby's car packed to the gills with camping gear and they are headed down to the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation as I type. It's 11 hours away!!! That would have been my first no-go. Well, maybe by third, behind camping and swamp land with critters! The Ohio boys are at least flying down. It will be quite a trip though. I hope they all have fun. The line up is pretty good, check it out. So hopefully they will enjoy the music and ignore the lack of the 5-star accommodations available. They did pay for the V.I.P. section for camping and tickets. What does that mean, they have shorter lines to the porta-johns? Hey, more power to ya. But that is not my idea of a girls weekend! Somewhere on the website they read about snakes that apparently call that area home. So, the practical joker bought a rubbery snake to put in one of the guys sleeping bag. YIKES! Good times. I just hope that is the only snake they face!!!!! Have fun honey. :)