Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've been tagged.... and it's not relating to my former post

A fellow Atlanta Girl of Blog Soup has tagged me! I have to share 5 things about myself. So here it goes...

1. I have noticed that Blog Soup tagged several other bloggers and their collective theme is food. I was the only non-foodie on that list, but I must say one of my favorite things to do is, well... EAT! So I enjoyed viewing their blogs, I got hungry, took a food break and now here I am. So there is number one. I love food. I enjoy checking out new Atlanta restaurants with a group of girls who are "in the know" and always select great restaurants. YUM! I now have an excuse to eat because I am pregnant! I guess that leads to #2.

2. I am pregnant and due August 15! My latest food craving is a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato and onion. I have had one everyday for the past two weeks. Is that a problem?

3. I am a teacher at a wonderful school for dyslexic children called The Schenck School. It's amazing to work with these kids and fellow teachers! I also tutor and love what I do. I have had many, many other jobs in the past, so finding this one I knew a good thing when I had it! Some of the random jobs (and many of these were second jobs to compensate for teaching!) I have had over my working years were (in no particular order): TCBY, Dominoes Pizza Delivery Driver (probably most embarrassing during college!), Para-legal (mind you, I am NOT a Para-legal, but the lawyer who hired me insisted that I call myself that! hilarious!) Hostess, waitress, babysitter, college mail room assistant, during college I was that annoying chipper student who calls graduates for money, Cesar's Pizza ("Pizza, Pizza!"), Kaplan Educational (manager, marketing girl), camp counselor, and Public Relations Assistant. Whew... I think that's it!

4. I'm hooked on LOST! I love it. I tend to fall asleep by 9:30, but hey, we taped it! HA. I still use that term even though we have actually, "DVR'd it."

5. I just bought a sewing machine. I used to have one a long time ago. My mom helped me with curtains for my apartment once... they turned out great, I must say! I am inspired by many of the things I have seen shopping and the crafty bloggers I have on my blog to get back into it again. Nothing too fancy, but cute things. So my friend Sarah and I are going to get back into it together and hopefully create some cute things.

As the rules state, I have to tag others.... I hereby tag: the belly chronicles, Alan's Stream of Consciousness, holly's plate, Katy Shops, Love, Life, and Labradors.

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Jake and Taryn said...

Cute post!! I too love everything toasted...english muffins, bagels (which I had today), toast...and even Subway sandwiches!! :) YUM!

Jake and Taryn said...


The organizer is from Michael's Craft store...and is by far one of the BEST things I have bought for my craft room!! It is from the Martha Stewart line. I just love it!

Leslie said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! I too love toasted everything bagels with cream cheese and tomato. YUM. Now I want one.