Monday, May 19, 2008

27 Week Picture

YIKES! Here I am after taking a walk, so I don't feel too pretty, but now is as good as any to take a picture. Please excuse the sans makeup shot with a big ol' zip on my chin and a stain from dinner on my shirt. But I love the belly though! First graders were admiring my tummy today telling me it's getting bigger and bigger. I said, yep, and she is kicking around in there too. They told me she is probably playing soccer in there! HA! I agree :)


Susan D. said...

You look great ... I do love the belly shots. Also, do I spy a neat apothecary jar on your counter? I've been trying to find some for our bath ... any details?

Leslie said...

You look great!!

Kim said...

Thank you ladies!!
And yes, it is an apothecary jar that I put soaps in. And I got it for a STEAL! I work very part time at The Chandlery in Roswell (gift shop) and they had it on sale, sale, sale and I swiped it before they knew they shouldn't have put it on sale for $10!