Monday, May 19, 2008

Great New Mom Gift

No, don't worry... I'm not suggesting you buy this for me. I already bought it for myself this weekend! It's a really cute book and I think I'll stock up on the books to give to other Rookie Moms. It's written by two Rookie Moms who wished they had something like this when they were new moms. It's categorized by months with daily and monthly goals and activities to do. They stress that you need to get out of the house at least once a day! I love that. So, you don't go crazy and stay in your PJ's all day long. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that once in a while, but this book helps you add structure to your day. And according to my sis, that was one of the most important things to master. Creating structure is a battle sometimes and it's a necessity when it comes to you and baby being together ALL DAY LONG! I think this is a super cute book and the authors are very encouraging to new moms too. I'm really looking forward to this brand new challengening world of Mommy-hood and I think this book will help me ease me through the challenging times.
Check out thier website, blog and order info.