Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Organized!

I can not live without this little book by momAgenda! My friends make fun of me that I rely on this soooo much, my little brown book goes with me everywhere. There is just something about physically writing everything down in my life (rather than typing it into a "crackberry") that I find satisfying. Well, now you can purchase this for a 15% off discount. It runs from August to December of the next year. I like the layout of the weekly pages (daily page shown above) where it gives you a category for each kid or in my case each job I have for the week. I print out stickers ahead of time and stick them on for each of my categories for the year. So you can see how great this would be if you had several kids with doctor appointments, sporting events, sleepovers, etc. Check out the website, they come in tons of colors and sizes. And be sure to use the 15NOW code to receive your 15% off before July 4th.