Tuesday, July 1, 2008

D.I.Y from H.E.L.L.

We thought we would save some money by painting it ourselves... what could be so bad? Well, as far as DIY jobs go, this is par for the course. We are experiencing some setbacks and making too many trips to Lowes in the process. I have some lofty "visions" for this baby room and I must admit that I have been very impressed with hubby for going along with it. I want to incorporate a horizontal stripe around the room along with a space for a chalkboard (the painted kind with painted trim around it to frame it). YIKES! It involves much prepping in the tape department. A friend of mine let us borrow their laser that shot "level" lines around the room so we could better stripe with. (the yellow thing on the table in the above pic) It's not the most precise thing in the world... Im blaming that thing, our walls or our eyesight, who knows. Things are coming together very slowly and hubby deserves the HUBBY OF THE YEAR award for his patience through all of this. He is a perfectionist which makes this horizontal stripe thing very difficult. We spent two hours last night taping off the stripes for the second time. WHY you ask?? Well, I wanted the one thick stripe on the wall be offset by white to match our shutters and molding. As you can see, that is not the color of our walls currently. So, after painting the white and after letting that dry, we went back last night to tape it off and measure the 12 inch horizontal stripe. If you are a bit confused, welcome to hubby's world. This is how I attempt to explain things. I have the thoughts and beautiful visions in my head, I just have trouble vocalizing them... so stay tuned, I will let you know how the actual painting of the four walls goes.


kelly said...

Oh wow, it is coming along and I can't wait to see the final result! I know it will look amazing!

Alan said...

Glad to see Panos put some effort into a project. Now what is next for him to work on?