Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sleepy Time

Here she is sleeping. There has been a lot of that lately... but don't worry, she has been eating a lot as well. About every 3 hours right now. Reese is doing so well with all of that too, the breastfeeding thing DID work after all. I don't know why I doubted it, I guess I didn't trust that it would all work out. But it did and I'm happy! The days have gone by incredible fast, I guess that is what happens when you live by your clock to catch every third hour to feed. I have it all programmed into my cell phone, even how long she feeds. I can't keep all of that in my head, are you crazy!? In between feedings and naps, we have had many visitors. Thank you all who have popped in, loved seeing you! And in between feedings, naps and visitors, I just stare! Stare at her with amazement. I still can not believe it! WOW, its pretty incredible!


Susan D. said...

so so cute! yes, that 3 hours flies by!