Monday, August 4, 2008

Stay Cool

NO JOKE, it's reading 104 in my car at nearly 4pm today in Atlanta. We are having a bit of a heatwave down here and it's not pretty for this 38 week preggers. Not to mention my car air conditioning is on the fritz! Can you believe it? It's something electrical they said and they couldn't get to where they need to be to check it further. Something about a special VW key they needed to order. Whatever folks, "I'm dyin' over here!" (said in a Soprano's kind of way)

Met with a pediatrician today. We liked her and she seems like the one. For first time parents, we didn't know what to ask her, but we got a good feeling. The practice comes highly recommended by two solid sources and is right down the street. (Luckily, we live near some great hospitals.) So, we were able to check that off our list. Hey, only 4 days before her arrival. We test drove a car this morning too. I feel as though some of this is going right down to the wire. ya, think? Hey do you know anyone who may want to purchase a 2000 VW Beetle - with newly fixed AC? It gets super gas mileage!! :)