Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week 38

Went to my last doc appointment Thursday before the big C-Day this Friday! Everything seemed on schedule and normal. Reese is in the right place and moving daily. Not just moving, but doing some serious Ju Jitsu moves! I'm visiting friends this week, going out to dinner, catching a movie, making last minute BRU (Babies R Us) runs, getting my hair done, pedicure appointment, getting the house cleaned, napping, downloading i-tune songs... Doing everything I feel like I won't be able to do when precious little Reese comes.
It's hard to explain how I'm feeling knowing that I will be going in for a scheduled "C" THIS Friday. One part of me is freaking out because I want everything ready and perfect for her arrival... but the bigger part of me (no pun intended) is absolutely excited to meet her. I want to hold her and welcome her to this big world! WOW, just 6 more days!! I gotta go, I just remembered something else on my list to do. :)


kelly said...

can't wait to meet Reese! I'll be thinking of you!