Tuesday, March 24, 2009

attention parents!

I just read a good article on babycenter. I receive weekly emails about what's going on with Reese. It all started when I was preggers and it now continues for baby's development. One of the articles I read this morning was really good and I wanted to share.

How do you raise a happy child? Is that something you model? Are they born happy? I find myself asking if Reese is happy. Besides the dirty diaper, being angry that I took away a toy, or being sleepy.... is she happy? content? does she enjoy life?

Well, this article was pretty informative and right on target. Children are happy when they master a skill, when they learn for themselves. Hubby and I loving Reese is a no-brainer, that's gonna happen for the rest of her life whether she likes it or not. That's not the issue here. The issue is if she can develop the skills necessary to cope with life's ups and downs and still come out strong and confident. How can she be a caring and giving child? (this does not mean she shares when prompted by mommy and daddy.)

Well, this article addresses these issues. It's a good article and can be applied to any age child. It mentions Dr. Edward Hollowell. He is a psychiatrist that focuses on ADD and learning issues. He is fantastic! I saw him speak a few years ago and he is so inspirational. He has many enlightening books as well. The one that was referenced in the article is The Childhood Roots to Adult Happiness. It will be my next Hollowell read.

Hope you enjoy the article... let me know what you think.


Brooke Davis said...

Great article Kim! Thanks for sharing! I can already see how letting our second child figure things out for herself (rather than us doing everything or constantly helping like we did our first) has already made her so confident. Glad I stopped by your blog today! I'm enjoying seeing Reese growing up on here. And also by the way- my kiddos have the initial tees from emtanner - such a hit last summer!