Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yankee fan?

On this gorgeous weekend we are taking advantage of the nice weather. Yesterday we hung outside in the backyard. It was pretty sunny, so we borrowed the Allen boys' ball cap they left here a few weeks ago. Thanks Alex and Max! We will return it soon!

Today we went to the park and Reese rode the swing for the first time. She didn't seem to dislike the swing, but didn't seem to like it either.... she can be so serious at times...who knows. We'll try it again another day.

I'm so glad Spring is here... I hope we continue with this good weather!


holly said...

she looks great in that cap! we should meet at the park if the weather stays nice. call me!

kristi said...

so sweet!!

Sarah said...

i need to get reese a red sox hat :)

Alan said...

How did Hubby allow that to happen? I thought he was a Braves fan through and through? I can't be upset with Reese for this, but I am dissapointed in her parents for this one!