Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Month 7

Time is flying by! Already little Miss Reese is 7 months and in that short time, she has changed our lives forever. She is really showing her personality by laughing and playing with us. I just crack up at her sometimes. I believe her second tooth is coming in, she has been pretty fussy today. poor thing... but it's all part of growing up. She is sitting down by herself more easily. And she has learned to shake her head back and forth...like in the way to say no! Uh OH! Again, it looks like she has red hair in these pics, but she doesn't! I don't know why my camera does that.


kristi said...

how adorable, she's growing up so fast!! hope you had a nice trip to delaware!

John Howard said...

Kim and Jim: She is such a doll! I cannot believe I am all the way in Monroe (a whole hour away) and we haven't seen you in forever.

I hope to get together soon and know that ZK and Anna would love playing with Reese! She is beautiful! John

Smyrna Townie said...

She's so cute!