Friday, March 6, 2009

Off to Spring Break...

Nope, I'm not packing my bathing suit, instead I'm packing my winter coat and heading up to.... drum roll please.... Delaware!

Yep... that's where this chick is from... I grew up in Dela-WHERE? Obviously I came to my senses and moved south as soon as I could (sorry Yankee folks and the rest of my family). Reese and I board a plane this afternoon to fly into Philly and visit my DE crew. I look forward to seeing all my family, but not experiencing all the cold weather. I've developed thin skin down here and I just can't handle it anymore. I always get "You're the first person I've met from Delaware!" or "I've driven through Delaware before." Yeah, it doesn't take long. We are the second smallest state with only 3 counties! But we do have a rockin' beach.... Dewey! It's all of maybe 7 blocks of beach but every nook and cranny sells beer. It's a mess!

We are headed to Wilmington to see parents, grandma (Mimi), aunt, uncle, and cousins! Can't wait... really! :)