Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break Recap

My spring break was filled with family time. It was great to have Reese meet family and hang with other family again. My spring break started out with Reese and I traveling to Delaware to visit my side of the family. She was so good on the airplane! I was a bit nervous by myself and worrying if her ears would hurt during take off and landing, but it was smooth sailing. Except for the MAJOR BLOWOUT she had on the way. Because she was sitting in my lap the whole time, I didn't notice until the person sitting next to me on the plane told me I had poo all down my jeans! NICE! I just had to laugh, because it was ALL OVER! I feel bad for the person who had our seat next.... I wiped most of it off, I promise! :)
The family visit was wonderful! Reese met my grandmother for the first time and my aunt and uncle. My cousins were there as well! Marian announced that she was pregnant, so we were all thrilled! How exciting for her and Brandon! I enjoyed watching Reese with my family, she had a great time. My dad and I had a good visit too! Reese loved to laugh with him... or was it AT him!? ha!
On our way back home to Atlanta... our flight was cancelled and we had to wait 4 hours in the airport. It wasn't that bad... Reese and I camped out on the ground and played. She was so good! Back in Atlanta, we visited with my aunt Kathy. She gave me letters from her mother, Ella, who Reese is named after. It was very cool to read them. I can't wait to have Reese read them when she is older to learn about her great-grandma, Ella.
And to conclude family-week, we spent time with Hubby's side of the family yesterday. His cousin had twins a year ago. We took Reese over to meet Avery and Carter. They were adorable! The three of them had a grand time playing... not together... but playing with toys in his Aunt's playroom. Incredibly, we were able to get this picture. It was hard because these twins are on the go! They have the best smiles... it was great to visit with them all.


From the desk of... said...

She is so cute, I love how she sticks her tongue out.

kristi said...

So stinkin cute......looks like fun times were had by all!