Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homemade Goodness for your baby...

A friend of mine, Valerie just told me about her friend, Christen, who started this website. It's a great website for mom's (and dads) who want to learn more about healthy food for their babies. It's called Nurture Baby... Homemade Goodness for your Baby. The website is organized very well and for someone who is a visual person and doesn't have the patience to read a lot of text, this was perfect! It's organized by recipes, nutrition and techniques. She offers yummy recipes for all age groups. See below. Also, this informative mommy gives you the techniques to make this food as well.

I'm not a cook. The kitchen is just a room where everyone congregates when people are over. It's not a place where I get creative, however, after reading this website, I think I can do this! I really do! It's not intimidating at all. Look at all these yummy meals!The website also has two useful PDF's for your printing pleasure. One can help you with your older child's eating habits. You can use the chart below to track their daily servings of veggies, fruits, etc. Helpful for moms and fun for kids to check off after eating! The other PDF is for the clueless, like myself. telling me when certain fruits and vegetables are in-season!
Nurture Baby is definitely worth checking out! Let me know what you think.


kristi said...

ok, when i get back from the beach, this is the first thing i am reading about. Emery is such a great eater and i am struggling with brayden!
thanks for the website! and good luck:)

Kim said...

oh good. let me know what you make and I'll let you know what I make and we'll see who likes what!

enjoy the beach!!!

Susan D. said...

This looks like a great website ... I will definitely check it out!