Friday, July 24, 2009

proud mommy moment

Tonight when putting little Reese to bed, I was cradling her in my arms rocking her while explaining what we will be doing tomorrow. I mentioned that we will be going to The Seed Factory, where there is a storytime and lots of books. As soon as I said books, she popped up out of my arms, turned around on my lap and pointed to the pile of books we have on her table! I couldn't believe it... does she really know what the word "book" means? It hasn't been taught directly to her, we just read her books and she loves storytime at daycare (according to her teachers). So, I guess she does know what it means.... which scared me a bit at the time while rethinking all I said to her today while "making conversation" ....who knows what I said!

Goes to show you how much I underestimate her sometimes! WOW! So we read one of our favorite books in our rotation tonight... she loves the giraffe page....