Saturday, July 25, 2009

"ka-nuffle" or "nuffle"?

Today Reese and I went to The Seed Factory's Storytime and craft. They read the cutest book by Mo Willems, Knuffle Bunny. It's about this baby who leaves her bunny at the laundromat while her parents were washing their clothes. She tries to tell them, but doesn't know any words. They finally figure it out and when they go back to the laundromat the baby says her first words so joyful they found her, "KNUFFLE BUNNY!" So cute! I thought you would pronounce it "Nuffle Bunny" but apparently you pronounce it "Ka-nuffle Bunny" hu!
Mo Willems even wrote Knuffle Bunny Too that addresses the "Ka-nuffle, Nuffle" predicament. Both books were read today and the kids made bunnies at the craft table. Reese joined right in. She especially loved all the other kids. She crawled over to a little boy who shares her birthday, but a year apart. They played with an abacus, then she looked over my way as if asking, "Hey, Mommy, I'm hanging out over here, is that ok?" I said, sure! So, she smiled and went about her merry way. I loved watching her interacting with all the children and having fun. She is staring at a few other kids in the above photo...
The Seed Factory is a great place for storytime. The staff is so laid back while the kids listen or play with all their fun Plan toys. They have storytime every Saturday at 11:00.


Smyrna Townie said...

This place looks way too cute!! Hope you are celebrating a wonderful birthday today!

Smyrna Townie said...

Where are you? No posting for a week.