Saturday, September 12, 2009

fun with latest bday presents....

Wow! Many thanks to everyone who bought Reese birthday gifts. I think she was getting bored with the stuff she had and needed something new. And she really loves everything she received! Here are some of her faves (this week). My sister bought her Melissa and Doug's Band in a box and she LOVES it. She searches through the box just for the two cymbals and bangs away. The picture is a little fuzzy, but she is definitely swaying to her own beat! Thank you Aunt Karen, Uncle Pat and Lily!Below she is blowing on a giraffe that has a kazoo as part of his head. The rest of the body is pretty cool too, each body part is a different instrument. Reese enjoys the legs too, they are rattles. Thanks Sarah!
Then, she just discovered how to make her baby stroller go! She wore herself out tonight by going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth from the kitchen to the playroom. Here she is zooming by. Thanks Audi! Oh, and the baby that's in the stroller is one that has a bottle and feeding spoon. And it's amazing to see her take the bottle and stick it in the baby's mouth. Then she spoon-feeds the baby too. It just melts my heart. Thanks Mimi C!
Then, cousin Marian bought her a princess coloring and sticker book. She tried it out for the first time today. She's not there yet with the stickers, but the crayons are the perfect size. Just big enough to fit in her hands. Thank you Marian!!
This is such a fun age! I love introducing her to new things and I'm truly amazed at what she can do! She is starting to do so much more at school and bring home art projects. I can't believe it! Hubby and I love watch her discover new things. She totally gets frustrated if she can't do it right the first time, but she gets it eventually and calms down. It's a hoot that she already plays pretend. The tea set that my mom gave her is awesome and she GULPS big gulps of air pretending to drink out of her little tea cup. I love it. I'm discovering so many things too and can't wait to continue playing with her.