Sunday, September 13, 2009

what have i done!??

I signed up for the March 2010 ING Half-Marathon this past week! What was I thinking? Peer pressure definitely had a play in this impulsive decision! The rest of my running group of gals signed up and I followed suit. The "Stunn-ING, Runn-ING, Thirty somethINGs" are back in action! I'm pretty excited at this moment, but scared considering I couldnt make it around my regular 3-mile loop this past weekend without walking. NOT GOOD! I need a training schedule, like, Yesterday! The good thing about this is that it will keep me motivated to run. Unfortunately, I need something like this staring me in the face, hanging over me like a one ton weight, to keep me running. I know I'll feel good after every training run, like I always did. I know I'll enjoy running with my girls, like I always did. I know, I'll enjoy downloading more running songs onto my ipod, like I always did. I just don't enjoy that first step, literally and figuratively. I just have to do it, hit the pavement like a big girl and do my best! Ok... this little pep talk has helped just a teeeeny weeee bit. I'll keep you posted! Any Stunning, Running 30-somethings, want to join in on the fun?


Susan D. said...

Congrats! Signing up may be the hardest step, but you definitely have plenty of time to establish a great training plan and feel good in March! If you'd like, my email is on my profile, so email me if you're interested and I can send you the one that I had. It was a 16 week program. Best of luck!

Brooke said...

Kim, I used a training plan by Hal Higdon (google it)that worked great for me! good luck!

Smyrna Townie said...

Hmmm...I could be part of the Stunn-ING and Thirtysometh-ING, but the Run-ING part just isn't happening!! Good luck traning!!!