Thursday, September 24, 2009

Write a short message of thanks about the "negative" things in your life.

Well, the big negative that is facing us right now that I really can't NOT think of is living in a one income home. Hubby lost his job in June and has not found another job yet. It's that little black cloud that follows us around all day. It just hovers over us, it's kinda like when it rains for more than 2 days and you wonder why you are in a funk. There is never a moment I'm not thinking about money, a possible job, a contact we forgot to contact, or hubby's well being. It's a real blow to a man's ego. I wish it was me who lost my job and not him! I hate it for him. But this post is supposed to be about gratitude and not hate. So.... hmmm.... (this is pretty hard) I guess my short message of thanks is that I'm grateful for this time because it will only make us stronger as a family. We will get through this and weather this storm. It also gives me an opportunity to be more conscience about money and boy, do I need to do that! And I am truly grateful for the people who have offered advice, met with Hubby about possible jobs, and has continued to ask me about how things are going. That is really encouraging. :) So, in a way, I could be grateful for this negative time in our lives.