Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

As Easter weekend comes to a close, I'm trying to prepare myself for the upcoming week. The weekend was glorious! The weather definitely helped... visiting with family, enjoying Reese enjoying her Easter, eating well, relaxing, attending church and remembering what the weekend was really about. Mimi had Easter eggs ready for Reese to hunt among the bushes and pine straw. Reese really got into it, shaking each one before placing it in her bucket. The weather was gorgeous so we spent a lot of time outside. Reese is at a great age where she just joins along in the fun. We had to wash our car because of all the pollen. Didn't notice it was all that bad when we got home to Atlanta, but it was really bad at the lake. Just walking along the grass made your feet turn yellow. When we got out of church is was like a cloud of yellow was hoovering over us. We washed our car and had to laugh because by the time we circled around the clean part of our car, it was COVERED again in yellow. Oh well.
Well, I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. I wish it was still going on... Thanks Mimi and PaPa!