Sunday, May 16, 2010


You are looking at the place where I spent most of my weekend. I had a girls weekend with my teacher friends and it was wonderfully relaxing! We were supposed to go up to Highlands, NC, but the main water pipe broke in the house and we couldn't go.... so LUCKILY the lake house was available and we headed up Friday after a loooooong week. (THANK YOU IN-LAWS!!) We literally spent from noon to 7pm on the dock just talking, floating, laughing, and eating! It was great! May is a really bad month for teachers believe it or not. Yes, the end is in sight, but we have sooooo much to do before that point that it's overwhelming at times. We left it all behind to relax and rejuvenate and it was perfect! Thank you ladies! I wish I was still with you on the dock!


kristi said...

Sounds like heaven.........glad you enjoyed!!

Smyrna Townie said...

When is the return trip to the lake house? Last summer we said we should do a couples night. I love that house!