Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the road again....

to Scottish Rite for more bloodwork.... It was hard to drive over to Scottish Rite this afternoon and go though the process of getting MORE blood from our little Reesie! We feel as if she has been through enough already... but the Rheumatoligost needs these tests and I would rather him be more informed when we go next week, then send us away again. So...

Reese CAN walk (even run) but when she saw the big red wagon in the parking lot, she really wanted to ride in it. It was helpful when we were waiting... Daddy and Reese went for a ride around. We ended up getting the same nurse (Ms. Etta) who drew blood last time and who was so sweet. She made the process much easier for us all. Ok, maybe not for Reese, but it was super quick and before we knew it, Reese had stopped crying and noticed her nice purple bandaid.
We came home and Reese was sacked out. We think she may be coming down with something. She felt warm and didn't want to eat or drink. She went to sleep after some Tylenol and goldfish. (hey, it's better than nothing)

Reese finally parted with the ace bandage and bandaid yesterday. So Brave! But she was and still is a bit squeamish about it. She didn't want to look at it all day yesterday and placed "Bunny" on it so none of us would see it. When I asked her if she wanted to go outside yesterday, she mentioned her boo boo. I told her it was ok and her boo boo is getting much better. She didn't look at it much today either.

This picture makes it look much worse than it actually is. What you see here is the thin "film" they put on top of it with a super glue substance. It happens to be a purplish color so at first I thought that was the scar! I almost died, but actually, its almost all pealed off today. All you can see is the finest line of a scar. It's not bad at all. It's not even bruised. I would have expected some bruising, but nada. It's looking better each day!

Next week we see the Rheumatologist and we should know more. I'll keep you posted.


Tiffany Lockette said...

Well wishes for Reese. Hope she isn't coming down with anything. Have a good but rainy weekend, boooooo.