Sunday, May 9, 2010

feeling grateful....

I'm so grateful that God gave me these hands for a little while. It's quite a responsibility to keep these hands protected, to raise her to know the difference between wrong and right and pray she wants to do the latter. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm the right person for the job, but mostly I ask God for guidance. Motherhood is truly the best job in the world and I feel honored to be able to experience it.

Today she made me feel pretty special. It was as if someone told her that its Mother's Day and it would be great if you would pay special attention to your Mama today. She was all about me today. (You know how kids go back and forth! Dada has had his days, believe me!) I asked her what she wanted for breakfast this morning and she said, Paint! She didn't want to eat just yet, she wanted to finger paint. Sure!!! So she painted me a few pictures, like the one above. :) Then she was all about Mama. "Mama, Mama, Mama" was all she said and wanted. Asking (ha, I mean demanding) that I sit in the back seat next to her on car rides today. Then laying down in the back yard just hanging out with me while singing and playing (pulling) my hair. It was a great day with her.

Sitting at the Starbucks later on today, I noticed a group of high school girls studying for exams. I realize that I don't have Reesie calling out "Mama, Mama" for very long. Soon, she won't need me as much and she will be too busy studying for finals at some Starbucks with girlfriends. I do look forward to that time in her life too (in a way). I love this time with her now, but look forward to seeing her grow up as well. I'm so proud of little Reese and look forward to each day to learn more about her.


kristi said...

wow..........time flies! sounds like a wonderful day!!