Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reese's Scar

This morning Reese got a hold of my rubber band collection and started to play with them by piling them on her knees. I thought it was a good time while she was distracted to snap a picture. She still covers it at times with her bunny. I hope one day she will be proud of her scar. And be proud of how brave she was to get this. At least Mommy has a scar on her knee to. It's actually much uglier than hers, but she notices it and calls it my boo-boo.

We go to the Pediatric Rheumatologist this Friday. I'm looking forward to hearing all about her blood test results he ordered and how we can all proceed with this. I know exercise will probably be in her daily morning regimen. We tried it together this morning and she was a willing participant. She was so cute moving her little legs and stretching her arms up in the air.


holly said...

it looks like it's healing nicely!! brave girl!!