Monday, June 7, 2010

having fun in the sun

Reese enjoyed watering the flowers today. She loved messing with the hose so that it got her and Mommy soaking wet! She had a blast. I didn't mind either, it was a nice hot afternoon.
Hubby brought her to the eye doctor today to see if she had any side-effects from the arthritis in her knee. Apparently the same inflammation that occurs in one's joints can affect the eye and could lead to.... something not good. (I don't know specifically, we have just been told to see an eye doctor from every other doctor we have seen.) Results look good. Doc detected nothing that could be bad. However, the doc was a complete A**! His "bedside manner" was atrocious. He even man-handled Hubby! There was a mark on Reese's chin from banging her head into the eye-reader-thingy. And the doctor couldn't communicate clearly. Jim asked to repeat what he had said and the doctor looked annoyed. Now, I could see how I would embellish something like this after deciding not to like a doctor, but coming from Hubby, I really believe that this doc was a true A**. So, needless to say, we are never going back to THAT doctor! Oh, I wish I was there!
Poor Reese had to get her eyes dilated and hence the sunglasses she is wearing in the above pics. Again... she was a trooper. I'm so proud of her!


kristi said...

Love the was great seeing you saturday..........let's get together soon!!