Thursday, June 3, 2010

warning.... post about poo!

Tonight Reese poo-ed on the toilet for the first time! WOW! I'm so proud of her! You're lucky I didn't have my iPhone with me, I would have taken a picture.... HA.... I wouldn't have posted, don't worry...
But anyway, she was in the tub and she said those words "poo, poo" and proceeded to crack up when she saw the bubbles rise. I told her right then (praying it was just air) that if she had to poo-poo, she needed to go on the toilet and that she could go right back in the tub afterwards. I knew she was getting close and I was getting close as well to experiencing tub-time disaster if she didn't do what she was told! This was somewhat of a tense moment, and you know what I mean if you have ever cleaned up all that mess! So, I encouraged her again to tell mama when she needed to go and that I would pull her out and sit her on the toilet. I asked her and she said yes, so she sat on the toilet like a good girl and.... nothing..... "back, back" she said, and in she went. Then I saw it on her face and asked her again.... I pulled her out and she went! JUST LIKE THAT! I wiped (I warned you!) and she flushed it down. I put her back in the tub and we clapped for her accomplishment. I was so proud! I think she got it too because she was smiling and clapping for herself.

She has occasionally not been minding when I put her on the toilet to just sit there when she said she had to go. It never lasted long, but I was always proud of her for trying. So, she has been somewhat getting used to sitting on the toilet. And she always tells us when she is about to poo. Good sign! This could lead to something!! But honestly, I don't know our next step. I guess we will continue to put her on the toilet when she says she has to go and see what happens. Also, I guess we should take the little potty out of the box and let her get used to that. Honestly, I would rather pick her up and sit her down on the big toilet instead of cleaning up the potty each time! Who knows!

As proud as I am, I kinda feel badly that Reese's first poo story landed on the Internet! I'm so glad blogs weren't around when I was little!


Tiffany Lockette said...

Yay Reese!! You could always get those little toilet seats that goes inside the big toilet lid. We bought Zoe a potty of her own but at daycare they have a mini toilet just like the big one so she doesn't ever want to use her potty now. We are going to buy the small toilet lid that fits inside a toilet and we have a step stool for her. We are still working on getting her to actually use the bathroom. She poo poo'd for the first time like 2 months ago on the potty but hasn't ever since then, I think it scared her.
Good luck and anything I can think of to help I will let you know along the way and I hope you do the same. Happy potty training!!