Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reese!

We spent the long weekend at the lake to celebrate Reese's second birthday! (And my last hurrah until school started) Reese loves watching Daddy and Uncle Coleman ski, she is fascinated! She pretends to do it when we are "on land" and always talks about them skiing. She says she wants to learn soon. Well, maybe not soon!
She got into opening presents and one of her favorites were her two pair of shoes from Aunt Abbie! She saw pink, glitter and pom poms... she was loving it!

I made homemade ice-cream for ice-cream cones, her latest favorite. She even said today that it was hot out and she wanted an ice-cream cone. Where does she she come up with these things?!
Here she is showing how old she is.

She has a major "crush" on her Uncle Coleman. She wanted to be around him all weekend. It's pretty cute, they just love each other!

Can't believe it's been two years she has been in our lives. WOW, what a blessing and gift she has been. She is such a great little girl and fun to be around! She is so sweet too... we just love her and we are completely grateful for her in our lives.