Monday, August 16, 2010

A Trip to Farmer Sue

A few weeks back, Hubby and Reese and I took an adventure to visit Farmer Sue. We had a blast! Farmer Sue lives far enough away you feel and know you are out of Atlanta. She bought several acres of land years ago to "get out of the rat race" and live a slower life. She hosts educational programs all over Atlanta and opens up her farm to kids of all ages. She has such a wonderful rapport with kids and animals and really knows how to get everyone involved at her farm.

First up was an introduction to all the animals. Every animal is very friendly and used to kids and adults alike. We were all able to pet and groom the animals. Then we took a tractor ride around her farm, and had craft time in the Art Barn. She taught the kids how to draw a pig. Reese's picture turned out more like a crab. Hey, it's an animal! We ate lunch, then went out to visit the bunny rabbits.
Everyday around lunch time, the hens lay eggs. Farmer Sue retrieved some of the eggs and let all the kids hold them. Reese loved this! They were still warm!
And finally, Reese was able to sit on this little horse. It was a fantastic day! I highly recommend it for a school group or just bring your family for "playdates." It was a memorable time for all. Thanks Farmer Sue!
Go to her website at Morning Glory Farms to learn more about Farmer Sue and her Fantastic Farm! It's perfect for birthday parties too!