Monday, September 20, 2010

cha, cha, cha, chaaanges...

Reese has gone through a lot of changes in the last 20 days to say the least. The arrival of Tillman has really rocked her world. She needed to give up her crib (because we weren't about to buy another crib!) and start sleeping in a big girl bed. She started the toilet training process, and she turned two. She has to compete for mommy and daddy time with this new Tillman character and she is not liking it. Luckily for us, she is very sweet to Tillman. But like I said, she is testing us. That's ok and it's to be expected, but it's really tiring us out! She has done wonderfully with the transition to her big girl bed. She was very excited and she really likes her new bed. We originally bought a new mattress and box spring that was really too high for her (and it covered the headboard), so we traded out the box spring for a thinner one and it's now perfect. She really appreciates it when she climbs up into bed each night. She comments on how daddy lowered her bed for her and it's just right. kinda cute the way she says that every night.... The above kitchen is a gift from Tillman to Reese. Hopefully she remembers how generous Tillman was when we ask her to share her toys, but anyway, she really loves it! She started playing with it immediately and loves to cook us food, heat up some tea, and wash her hands in the sink.
As far as the potty training, she was pretty much getting the whole concept when she was visiting Meme and PaPa, however she is pretty inconsistent here at home. I know I need to focus more on her to help her through this. :(
Hubby and I are looking into a half-day preschool for Reese as well. There are many out there and we are currently shopping around. We visited one last week and she just walked right in to the classroom, said hello and started playing. It wasn't even that kind of tour, but I enjoyed watching her make herself at home. I think she will like going to "school." We have another school to look at tomorrow in which they encourage her to go play with the class. Then we will decide. I think it will be good for all of us for her to go to school for two or three days a week. I'm pretty excited for her actually! And Im very proud of her as well.


kelly said...

Adorable, i love the new big girl bed!