Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Super Nanny

We are in need of your services, come quickly! We have a whiny, uncooperative two year old on our hands and we are plain worn out. Don't even know if our efforts are working or not. Like I have seen on your show before, I was one if those parents who had to escort our lovely little lady back to bed for her nap 28 times! It took an hour to finally sink in that it was naptime. Mommy was exhausted.

That night at dinnertime, our sweet little girl dunked her whole hand in her applesauce and proceeded to smear it all over her face and hair. Just after that display, she took her bowl of ravioli and dumped it on the ground. So Mommy took away the fun craft we were going to do after dinner. Oh, she wailed and started to eat the raviolis off the floor! Too late, little Missy!

I took her up to her bath and the rest of the night was just as exhausting as she fought me (like she does EVERYDAY) to put her diaper on after her bath. Please help, Super Nanny!

Sleepless and Running out of Patience,

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From the desk of... said...

I know this sounds easier said than done, but I was in the same situation when Alex was born. Molly was 2 yrs 2 months. Reese now realizes she can get your attention through negative behavior and feels like it is her only way. It is hard when you are exhausted, but it will get easier! Will you be available on Thurs or Friday? I would love to stop by!