Friday, September 24, 2010


Lately I've been posting about Reese and not much on the new addition to our family. But honestly, Tillman hasn't been up to much. He sleeps, eats, and you-know-whats all day. Pretty predictable. Pretty straight forward. I have discovered he enjoys being in mommy's sling. I'm new to the whole sling wearing thing, so it's taking time for me to get used to it and it's a mess putting him in the thing, but as soon as he is in, he settles down and looks pretty comfortable.

He is eating well (every two to three hours) and he sleeps well too. He's spitting up a bit more than Reese did. And he seems to have a bit more discomfort with digesting my milk. I hope he is just getting used to everything in that department and it settles down for him soon.

Tillman seems to be pretty easy going so far. I can't beleive we have TWO kids. It blows my mind sometimes. I really don't know how families cope with more than two!! It's sometimes all we can do to take care of Reese and Tillman right now. But we are still adjusting and I guess it's getting easier everyday.