Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Check Up

Went to the doctors yesterday for his first appointment. Tillman did very well and put back a lot of the weight he lost during his first week. We were concerned about that because of the slight jaundice he had. He was borderline in the hospital so my goal was to nurse every two hours to get his system going. Yesterday they tested his bilirubin and it was a bit too high, so the doc recommended indirect sunlight, keep the feedings up and bring him back today for another test. Hooray for Tillman, "Billies" were down and weight was up! (he gained an ounce) Great news! He looks better and all systems are running smoothly. He never had the jaundice that makes him look like a yellow squash, he just looked like he had great coloring. But we are happy he is out of the potentially dangerous range.


Susan D. said...

Congratulations ... I missed the other post. He's a doll and glad everything is going well!

Smyrna Townie said...

Brad and I look forward to meeting Tillman when u are up for visitors!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't aware of these issues with "Tillman", But...Us "TILLMAN'S" ARE OVERCOMERS!!!! Great News!! We hope to see him before he's a Teenager!:)
Unc Leighton