Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Six Weeks Old

This week marks six weeks for Mr. T. He is starting to smile at us and it cracks me up every time. He has a mouth-wide-open kind of smile and I love it. I'll try to get it on video soon. He is doing a bit better in the spit up department, not to say he still doesn't have a few doozies here and there (mostly down my shirt!), it's just not as often. He seems to be shedding his skin lately. It's so dry! I wish I could moisturize, but I know, I can't. His baby acne has started to go away, but he still has flare-ups when he gets mad... ie, hungry! He is loosing some of his hair, but not in the normal places... like in the back... Tillman's loosing it up front! Weird! But it looks like from the top picture that he is loosing his dark hair and lighter hair is coming in??? hmmm?? who knows.
He's becoming more and more of a little person, showing his personality. He is getting chubbier in all the right places. And he is awake more so we can interact. However, he is still sleeping ALOT! Overall he is a good baby and I am enjoying getting to know him!