Thursday, October 21, 2010

great DIY project

Spent the afternoon with my friend Julie. We walked and went to lunch... it was so nice to see her and catch up! While hanging out in her adorable, charming home, I noticed this: (please excuse the out of focus photo) It is a clever way of displaying and organizing your necklaces. Julie told me a friend of hers did this and it was very simple to do. You just buy a frame and remove the glass. You buy small hooks and screw them into the back little ledge of your frame. Then hang the frame. Easy, right?! I think it's brilliant and a cool way of making your jewelry show like art! Julie plans to hang this one in her bedroom because the frame and necklaces go so well with her decor. Then she will make another one for her other necklaces to hang in the bathroom. Great idea! Thanks Julie for a fun afternoon.


Julie said...

It was such a treat hanging out with you yesterday!!