Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tillman @ 6 months

Tillman is getting more and more curious and loves to grab at things. And now if you take anything away from him that he was looking at, he starts to cry and gets mad. He sits up unassisted for a few minutes, then tumbles over. We started baby food and he looooves sweet potatoes and carrots. He can stand green beans, but can't stomach bananas yet. He lunges for the spoon when he is hungry and is not a messy eater, because he eats it all the first time. He wasn't a fan of rice cereal and would spit that back out. We just thought he wasn't ready for food yet, but apparently he can eat some sweet potatoes! I know I think this every month, but I really think he is teething this time. Between month 6 and 7 is when Reese had her first tooth and he just seems more slobbery and irritable than usual. He chews on anything he finds. So, possibly something might pop out soon. Other than that, he is a dream baby! Laughs a lot and is "communicating" more with us. Seeing Stella, his 9 month old cousin this past week, was exciting because she was crawling and standing herself up on things around the house. I can't believe he will be doing that in a few months! (more on our visit with their cousins next post!)