Sunday, April 3, 2011

TJY - 7 Months

Tillman has been our little guy full of smiles and laughter! He is sitting up very well on his own. And he loves to give us wide-open mouth kisses. Or is it just me that loves that??? He unofficially weighs 26 pounds and offically wears 12 month clothes. He loves sweet potatoes the best... eats green beans and squash and tolorates peaches. He's still scratching everywhere, however his skin around his neck is soooo much better. We apply 2.5% hydro-cortizone daily and we have lifted the bibs. Hubby thought the bibs were adding to the irritation and he was right. It has seemed to clear up pretty well. (thanks for the prayers, family!) Every month I say he is teething...yet still no teeth. So, I just don't know. Other than that, he is very healthy, happy, and loves to jump in his bouncy seat. He is such a sweet boy, just love him!

Hubby thinks that Reese and Tillman look like twins in Reese's 7 month pics.


holly said...

so cute!! he now officially weighs more than max.

Tommye said...

Kim, Your big boy is utterly precious! But, you knew that already, of course!

kelly said...

OMG, he is just adorable! And, he weighs more than Kayla!!