Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach Bum - Tillman @ 9 months

We recently returned from a fabulous trip down to Destin to visit my aunt and uncle. It happened to be when Tillman turned 9 months so I was able to get some beach shots. He loooooved the beach! He loved digging his fingers into the sand and did not seem to mind when the water would rush up and surround him. Amazing! He ate some sand and seaweed and didn't seem to mind that either! Anyway, we all had a blast and Hubby and I are excited that our children love the beach!

Took Tillman to his 9-month appointment today. Good News - no immunizations! Bad News - anemia test! That meant, head to the lab to draw blood! Huh?? Reese's doctors never tested for that! So, what you are telling me is that I have to take my baby boy and hold him while he gets blood drawn from his little arm after you cut off circulation to look for a vein?! I was a little alarmed, but knew that is was going to be ok. We have been through worse with Reese and knew that this was routine (their routine, not mine!) and that it was going to be ok. The little guy was really strong and needed an extra nurse to hold him still. And finally, they were able to draw some blood. As soon as the needle was out, he stopped crying and turned back into happy baby. Whew!

The boy checked out well. All he has is some eczema on his face, but other than that, he is a healthy bouncing baby boy weighing in at 27.7 lbs! Off the charts! And he is 28 1/2 inches... 60th %-tile. Pretty good! (And he is wearing 18-month size clothes.) I'm proud of my boy, he did well today.