Friday, June 17, 2011

June has started as a blur...

 I can't believe it's June 17th and this month is more than half way over! The last thing I remember is the last week of school, then heading down to Destin. Well, it's been quite a few weeks and it has certainly been a blur for me. I'll try to recap the last three weeks.... My mom came down from Delaware to visit for the week. I started summer camp that week, so she was able to help me get ready. It's really summer school, so I needed to really prepare, not just bone up on my camp songs and be sure I had enough glue sticks for the arts and craft time. After that, we headed out of town to the lake for some R&R. The rest of the week was great having my mom around and for her to be with her grandchildren.
 The day she left, however, was pretty bad! Our sump pump and sewer pipe EXPLODED leaving several inches of sewage in our basement! It was awful. Hubby and I did what we could to clean up the mess.. mostly Hubby did... and we moved everything out of the basement... drum set, guitars, bed, ect! He had people out the next day to replace and fix everything, and then the professional cleaners to do the rest. So, currently we have NOTHING in our basement. We have a cement floor, no baseboards, a foot or so missing of wall at the bottom of the wall all around the room! We are currently in the "reconstruction" phase. Good times!
 The next day, I caught a flight up to Maryland and caught Strep Throat. The trip to Maryland was wonderful visiting family, getting strep throat for the third time in three months... not so fun! Luckily, I went straight to the doctors and received meds that night, so it wasn't that bad, I was just wiped out. Getting to see my family was awesome!! I got to celebrate my niece's first birthday! Happy Birthday, Stella! I attended a bridal shower of my cousin's fiancee. They are getting married in August! And then went to mass and a luncheon to honor my Aunt Kathy, who passed away in April. Whew... lots of family and lots of fun!
 I was able to bring Tillman and he was the perfect child on the plane ride up and back! He makes such a great traveling buddy. I learned that he is a people person and lights up around lots of people, whether he knows them or not. So, the airport was a breeze. He enjoyed hanging with Stella and our other family members too.
 Here is my 92 year old grandmother, Mimi.... still rockin' it!
 Here is my other niece, Lily with my cousin's son, Caden. Two of the most cutest kids in Maryland... Ok, the Mid-Atlantic... Ok, the upper half of the country! I really enjoyed hanging with the kids too. I'm always impressed by them, not to mention, they crack me up!
 We visited our old grade school, K-8..... Both my father and aunt attended as well. It's always a bit weird to go back... I always feel like I could get in trouble at any moment... and this time, was no exception!
Cousins - Stella, Lily & Tillman
 My trip was a whirl-wind trip... so glad I could go up though! Now, I'm back teaching summer school and tutoring. I just organized myself at school this past week... it was a mess! The worst feeling for me at work is to feel unorganized and scattered, and that's how I felt. Apparently, it does not bother me as much at home, because we are living in a disaster area!!! Guess what I'm doing this weekend! Time to clean! 

 June has certainly felt like summer already... we have hit the pool a couple of times and when we don't we have our little one in the back yard to cool off. I'm beginning to slow down and settle in to our summer....Yesterday, Reese and I made cupcakes. yum!