Monday, August 22, 2011

Big helper at school

I had to do few things at school yesterday and decided to bring Reese. She usually colors or looks through books, but yesterday she wanted to "press the buttons." So, I showed her a few things on the computer and she had a blast pressing the letters and numbers and discovering them up on the screen. The one thing she did complain about was not getting the exact letter that matched the keyboard. Hmmmm.... So I clicked Caps Lock and all was good. She printed it out with a little help, of course, and colored her masterpiece.

Then she helped me with a bulletin board. She really was a lot of help. She loves visiting my school and it's fun seeing her excitement.

Earlier that morning when we were at Buckhead Church, I saw the thing no parent wants to see during the sermon. Tillman's room number and number showed up alerting us to come and get him from his Sunday School room. Oh no!

Last week the poor guy had a fever of 103.1, felt lousy, threw up, runny nose, didn't eat as well, all the while having several teeth come in. However, by Friday, he was feeling much better and no fever. But then Saturday, he broke out with this rash. The church wanted to alert us and better safe than sorry. He does not do well in church nurseries, so the poor thing looked worse than he really was. Crying, red splotches all over, runny nose.... He looked sick, but wasn't. I was grateful that they alerted us. And I was scared for a moment that it was something worse. But as soon as I picked him up, he calmed down. We watched the remaining service in the lobby where he ate cherrios they gave him and where he could check out all the people walking by while I listened to Andy Stanley. Tillman was perfectly content. When I got home I called the nurse and she confirmed it was Roseola and that he was fine. Whew.

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