Friday, August 19, 2011

bulldozers, rocks, and chains

Down at the end of our street they are building more townhomes. We noticed bulldozers down there so we took a walk to watch the excitement and hang out with our neighbor. Reese and Savannah were interested for a while, then decided to go rock hunting. And Tillman enjoyed getting up close to the dump truck! Construction is always fascinating at this age...


Beth's Blog said...

Kim, your Aunt Lynn gave me your blogger site and me and my daughter visit and read from time to time and love it. You are so creative and talented. My Granddaughter will be 3 on Aug. 29th. Your party and prep looked like lots of fun. We are having a requested "Princess" Party. She is all into princesses and Tinkerbell too. I am about to embark on my own blog. Do you use the adsense or just post sites and clips you like and visit? I am struggling with the settings and design right now but am anxious to get started posting. By the way, we had a grandson that was One on July 2nd so we are right along the same ages as your children. They are so much fun but keep Mom and Dad oh so busy. If ever in the Golden Isles visiting, tell Lynn to call us for a possible playdate.
thanks, emc