Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby food is for Babies....

Tillman has made it pretty clear he will NOT eat baby food anymore. Just seeing the jar would make him cry and writhe in his highchair. So, we are happy to say, he is loving every "table" food we have offered him so far. He is eating up cantaloupe, honeydew, corn, carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, pasta with red sauce (above) and trying it out with a spoon too! I feel like this has all happened overnight! He does not like to be rocked after reading books anymore, it's just straight to bed with him. That happened overnight too! Just like that, Tillman, you are going to abandon your Mama like that and want to hop in your crib with no calm rocking? hmmpp! I'll have to find my snuggling time somewhere else with you. I am proud of you Tillman for growing up, eating big boy food, falling to sleep on your own, and taking more steps towards officially walking. Your are growing up and that's what it's all about.