Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tillman's room

Don't think I ever posted pics of Tillman's room yet. Here are a few to get a feel for his room. All the full shot pictures I took all came out pretty blah... so here they are. We used the same black crib and dresser we had in Reese's room. I placed alphabet vinyl letters above his crib, a map of the United States above his dresser and locker organizers below his bookcase. All from Land of Nod by the way... As you can tell the teacher in me had great influence in the room. I was going to paint a space in the room with chalkboard paint just like Reese's room, but I found a better idea today here.
I love it! I think it would go well with the metal lockers. Guess what this is? It's a oil-drip pan you can buy at a local automotive shop for 9.99! Isn't that fabulous!? I have read that you have to give it a good cleaning before you hang it up due to the grease on the pan, but it's not that bad. You can use it just about anywhere... kitchen, classroom, bedrooms, etc... With everyone now having the stainless fridge, this is a great alternative. I still may paint in the room, but not anytime soon. I'll probably give this a try first. I love the idea!

I love being in Tillman's room. There seems to be a lot of space when the bed is a crib. Tillman loves to take his books out of the locker containers and place them back in. When I am changing him, I distract him by checking out all the fun drawings on the map. He knows the word map and when I ask him where it is, he points to it. He loves that thing. After changing, he stands up and points and grunts at the different states.

We have also hung up a family crest of the name Tillman, which is actually spelled, Tilghman. It's really neat, and goes well in the room with it's black frame. Hubby's cross-stitched birth announcement is framed and hung on the wall. (do you remember those, I think everyone had one back in the 70's) I also have a cross that has belonged in my family for generations that I will hang up too.


Leighton said...

"LORD, HEP' ME!!!!!!"
WHAT A GREAT "GUY"S ROOM"!!! ONLY THING MISSIN' , I CAN TELL..IS A SET OF "1971 LUDWIG HOLLYWOOD SKY BLUE PEARL DRUMS"!!!!! (dream on.."TILLMAN"!!!)...BUT...Before too long..UncLeighton has something very special to "add" to the "TILGHMAN" FAMILY CREST!!!!! :)
Unc "Leighton" E. Tillman III :)