Sunday, September 11, 2011


Reese has really improved her attitude towards her brother as of late. And that's a good thing! She talks so sweetly to him, (c'mon buddy) telling us what he needs (tillman needs more puffs), comforting him when he cries and she is sharing a lot more with him. She is discovering how to be playful with him... chasing him around the house, tickling him, making him laugh. She is so sweet. Yes, we still have our moments, but overall, she is getting so much better. Reese has recently started school and loves it. She really hit it off with her teacher last year and I was wondering if she would miss her, but it turns out that she sees her once a week in Music Class anyway! What a wonderful thing! She likes her classmates and she was already telling us about her new friend Lexy when she came home the first day. I'm so proud of her (knowing her alphabet, wanting to learn more, singing all the time, loving going to church and school, pretending and making up grand stories, mastering potty-training, attending gymnastics, listening to mommy & daddy, being so observant, remembering her manners.....) and I'm loving every moment of this sweet, sweet stage she is in.


Alan said...

Those are great pictures! I can't believe how big they are getting! What a couple of cuties!

Leighton said...

Tricia and I have been "luvin'" the pics lately..; whoever is taking em' doing SUPERBLY!!!

Leighton & Auntie Tricia:)