Sunday, October 23, 2011

back door friends...

 We are fortunate to live on a street with a lot of kids around Reese's age. And right next door is one of Reese's best friends, Savannah. The two of them get along so well... running between our back yards in and out of our houses until one of the parents says it's time to go. Lately, Savannah has started to come over on her own and knock on our back door. It's so cute! Reese just squeals with excitement and runs to the door. Today was no exception... there was a knock, and Reese raced to the back door to greet an equally excited Savannah. They played and played... It's so nice to have neighbors like that!
 And all Tillman wants to do is be apart of the fun. Tillman was having no part of me taking pictures of him, he just wants to be over where the girls are.


kelly said...

Adorable! I can't belive how big Tillman is getting.